29 August 2011

Day 240 (Almost Done With This Trip)

Last night found Chuck and I shutting down in Caldwell, ID, just 29 miles east of the Oregon state line. I was hoping to have gotten together with Terri Nakamura in the Seattle area, but because of the setbacks resulting from the two stops we made to get a truck service (one of which was a waste of 3 1/2 hours), plus leaving later than I hoped from Tulsa, that meeting, unfortunately, won't take place. Perhaps tomorrow I will give you some details as to what type of logbook laws we truck drivers have to keep track of. The good news is that come Wednesday morning, we will both have a restart on our logs.

Chuck started us out from Caldwell, and I took over when we stopped in La Grange, OR to get fuel. I drove us over the mountain - Deadman Pass (also known as "Cabbage" among truck drivers) - through Pendleton, and into Union Gap, WA. When we stopped there, I walked over to get my coffee fix at Starbucks, and bought some garlic bread from Outback Steakhouse to go with the spicy spaghetti I'm making in the crockpot. Tomorrow I'll go walking around Woodinville, take in some sights - and a few pictures - and, as a priority, enjoy the cooler weather. The last time I was up in Woodinville I didn't really see what there was to offer in that particular part of the city. What I do remember about it, was that I really liked the area. To see so many people cycling around was a sight I have not seen for sometime. The part of Arkansas I live in may have a few children and/or teens on their bikes, but not many (and southerners wonder why there is an obesity problem?). Seeing so many people cycling around made me realize (and this may sound silly to some) how I've taken a sight like that for granted, and at the same time, reinvigorated my desire to get a bicycle for myself. That would make my downtime even more adventurous. Three things I now need to get, to further stimulate my blog's content:

A) a MacBook Pro
B) a Canon Rebel DSLR
C) a ten speed bicycle (preferably a Bianchi)

At least I can wish and dream!

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