08 August 2011

Day 219 (Here Until Wednesday Morning)

Well, first I'd like to apologize for the delay in getting this up... I'll explain momentarily. We made it into Ontario, OR last night and ended our day. We left this morning from there, making one stop in Union Gap, WA (just outside Yakima). We walked around the area there a bit, making a visit to Cold Stone Creamery and (yes, you guessed it) getting my coffee fix at Starbucks. If you'll allow me to take a slight detour... Yankees won Friday night against Boston. The Red Sox came back Saturday, giving both teams the same stats (wins/losses/pct). Last night, the tie was broken by...

BOSTON RED SOX: 10 innings, Boston won 3-2!!!!!!! Now back to our regularly scheduled blog...

When we arrived at Union Gap, I was approached by a gentleman whom inquired about my faith, to which we ended up in fellowship for about 1 1/2 hours (perhaps longer). His name is Ross, and we discovered some similarities in one another. We were both raised as Christians, discovered we had Jewish lineage late in life, we're both on the spiritual quest for Truth, and we just happen to live in the state of Arkansas. The only difference between the two of us is his journey is fairly new, whereas I've been submersed within Judaism for several years now. He isn't looking to forsake his belief in the Messiah, just seeking to establish his Jewish roots. Ross and I exchanged phone numbers and email addresses, as I told him I would help any way I could on his new journey, beginning with a small list of reference sources to help him get started. This will be a long journey for him, sometimes even a bit difficult. I have no doubt he will absorb this new knowledge like a dried sponge does water, with what little I shared with him I could see that process beginning.

Let the adventure begin.

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