16 August 2011

Day 227 (I'll Be Headed To Houston, Hopefully Soon)

We are still here in Tulsa, OK, waiting to get loaded, then we'll head to Houston, TX for tomorrow morning... or at least I will. Clinton will probably be meeting up with his nephew in the Dallas area, and catching a ride to Memphis, TN. He's not quitting (at least I hope not), he just needs to get to his home in Memphis to take care of some business. Which means, once he makes his rendezvous with his nephew, I'll be solo again... at least until I get home this weekend.

It's been a long (nearly) 4 weeks. I don't usually stay out this long, I did so this time for reasons that are only known to my wife and I (no, we are NOT have marital problems - in fact, quite the contrary... we enjoy each other's company). When I do make it home, I think I'll go back to my usual routine of being out 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 weeks. But I am looking forward to going back up to the northeast again, which I hope will be soon... very soon. The weather up there is much nicer, and I can get away from this awful humidity. The temperature isn't as high now as it was the last time I was in Tulsa (about 108°), so you can bet that the 70° temperatures I drove through in Washington were very welcomed indeed. Though, with temperatures like that, why would anybody want to live in Washington.

I definitely would!

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