17 August 2011

Day 228 (Back Up To Tulsa)

I made the delivery this morning in Houston, in fact, I arrived at about 0100. I'm killing a little time right now because my next load, which picks up in LaPorte, TX (about 25 miles away) won't be ready until around 1530, and it's due in Tulsa tomorrow morning at 0630 (and you may have heard me kvetch about how I loathe early morning deliveries).
The weather here is hot... as if that is some sort of anomaly for Texas in August.

I found out from an old friend (from my days in the Corps) that he is currently organizing a reunion of our old unit, which will probably be held in San Antonio (fortunately NOT in the Summer). Nothing is solid as of just yet, but, so far, the page (created on Facebook) has created quite a stir, with many (some of whom i either didn't know, or don't remember) extending their RSVP's with plans to be there. I've already spoken to Tikvah about it... we ARE going to be there.

This is day 2 that I have been without coffee. Not by choice, mind you. Yesterday I didn't have a lot of time to play with, and there are very few truck stops that have decent coffee. Many truck drivers don't understand why I frequent Starbucks. It's like this: I would rather pay around $5 for a cup (usually the grandé triple Marble Mocha Machiatto) that I know will taste good, rather than pay $1.50 for something that tastes like it was freshly dredged up from the mud hole that is between the truck repair shop and the poorly maintained restrooms, a.k.a. that which is usually found at Pilot. I'm none too fond of their coffee, never have been. The coffee at Flying J used to be good, that is, before they were taken over by Pilot. Since a feel a headache coming on (resulted from caffeine deprivation), I think I'll take a little nap.

At least I can dream about coffee... maybe that will make the headache go away.

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