14 August 2011

Day 225 (The Final Leg Of This Trip)

Our day started in Colby, KS this morning, where we topped off the fuel and I made my trip to the local Starbucks. We only have 470 miles to cover today, though I'm still unsure what these next few days will be like, as I'm trying to get Clint back to our North Little Rock, AR terminal so he can get his own truck and I'm due to go home for a few days later this week.

This last week has been nice, going up to the northwest into areas I've always liked (plus I get a break from the madness one encounters when going east or to the southern midwest), as well as into cooler climates - which is always a welcomed change this time of year. I'm sure that once I head back out on the road next week, I'll probably (hopefully) get another load taking me to the northwest. Clint has done a good job these past 3 weeks. He's been willing to learn what's required (as per company policy) and he's absorbed what I've shared with him, from experience. I hope he does well, not just for this company, but especially for himself.

As we travel south of Wichita, KS, I can already feel the outside temperatures getting hotter, which means it's time to turn up the a/c... full blast. I will be so glad for Fall and Winter to roll in, or at least to get a load into the desert regions (Vegas would be nice - I could visit my family there).

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