15 August 2011

Day 226 (Here In Tulsa... Until Tomorrow)

We arrived here in Tulsa yesterday late-afternoon, and made a semi-scheduled stop at a Super Target not far from where we are delivering. We went there mainly at my request, Clint was there because I was. My purpose was to pick up a new shower curtain (at my wife, Tikvah's, request) and to get a 5-quart Crock Pot. I have a 2-quart on the truck, but the only problem is it leaks (not so much on the floor, but along the side and into the heating element area) while I'm driving. I bought a 6-quart oval Crock Pot a few years back (with a sealing/locking lid), but the inverter I had then was inadequate, so I left it at home. Tikvah said I could take it with me on the truck (now that I have a reliable way to power it), on the condition I buy another one that she can use at home. Since my 2-quart is a little too small for her and Nathan (our youngest son) - and there was nothing in between - I bought the 5-quart... and the shower curtain.

When Clint and I picked this load up, we had to send our company some p.o. (purchase order) numbers off the shipping bills, so they could schedule the delivery time, which we did on Thursday. The time wasn't scheduled until today, so we are here until our appointment tomorrow. I haven't been here 24 hours yet, and I'm already missing the weather from the northwest (70° in the middle of the day - even for a couple days - can easily spoil you... now I know why Terri Nakamura lives in the Seattle area - and it's also VERY beautiful). I was able to get some coffee from the customer's cafeteria. It may not be as good as my Starbucks grandé triple Marble Mocha Machiatto, but at least it's still better than that swill that's served at the Pilot truck stops that they try to pass off as coffee.

I did get TWO cups from Starbucks yesterday, so it's all good.

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