25 August 2011

Day 236 (This Will Be A Long Day)

Yesterday Chuck and I unloaded in Shelbyville, TN (which is not too far from where a relative - whom I have not yet met - lives), where we unloaded and finally got out of there at around 1700. It was obvious that our next load, which picked up at 1900 - and about 180 miles away - was not going to get picked up on time, so it was re-scheduled for 1000 this morning. We got loaded, scaled out the trailer, and got rolling around noon-ish. Since this was a pretty heavy load, I didn't want to take the chance of being over the gross limit (as it turned out, we weighed at 79,800). This load was orinally scheduled to deliver at 1700 today, but since it's going to Rogers, AR, we should be able to get there by 2200.

Tomorrow will bring another adventure that will keep us busy until next Wednesday. We pick up our next load in Tulsa, OK with 2 drops: one in Woodinville, WA, then finishing off in Burnaby, BC. I'm glad it worked out this way, so I get to go back up to the great northwest. Who knows, I may get the chance to meet another "Tweep" in real life. I'm hoping to keep the same schedule as I did going out there a couple weeks ago. If that happens, we will get into Woodinville on Monday night, and be able to get a re-start on our logbooks. I guess with me being the trainer, it will be up to me to keep us focused.

I stopped off and got some coffee earlier. It may not be Starbucks, but it's definitely NOT Pilot, either (though I'm still perplexed as to how they continue to pass that swill off as "coffee".

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