19 August 2011

Day 230 (Heading Home, Or At Least In That Direction)

Late yesterday afternoon I was dispatched on a load, which didn't pick up until today. So, I made my way up to Joplin, MO, arrived at the Flying J truck stop, and, after some effort, found a parking spot for the night. It worked out pretty good: I was turning down one of the parking aisles just as another truck was pulling out. I arrived at the customer this morning, and was checking in 5 minutes before my appointment time of 0900, and finally left at around 1330.

I had planned to go straight to West Memphis, AR and deliver in the morning, only to find out from the broker that the delivery appointment time is tomorrow at 1630. Then I find out I am already picking up my next student, so I have to take a route going through our North Little Rock terminal. Once I get unloaded tomorrow, I'm going straight home, and Charles (my new student) will be staying in the motel. Therefore the next few days of my mindless babbling will be from the comfort of my own home. Yes, Dorothy, there's no place like home... hopefully, some day, my home will be in the Seattle area (MUCH cooler weather than here). Once I get to our terminal, I'll get my laundry done, get to know a little bit about Charles, and maybe even go get my coffee fix from Starbucks. Until then, I have some fried rice to dig in to.

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