01 August 2011

Day 212 (I'm Going To Rant Again)

We shut down last night at the Texas Travel Center rest area in Texarkana (on the Texas side), mainly because I knew the closer to Dallas we got, the more scarce the available parking becomes. Once we get unloaded here in Grand Prairie, Clinton will drive us up to Broken Bow, OK. The load is due tomorrow morning at 0800 in Clarksville, AR, but since it loads at a Tyson facility we may run out of hours before we make it.

According to the Weather Channel app on my phone, it's showing to be 108° (with only 20% humidity) at 1700... but it certainly feels a bit warmer than that. If this was Phoenix, AZ or Las Vegas, NV or even Barstow, CA, this would be a dry heat - and more tolerable to deal with - but I can only sit and lament my disdain for humid weather.

On a different note, I am troubled. Yesterday my wife told me that our youngest son (who is 16) had his life threatened - because he is Jewish. This is distressing enough, but when this matter is mentioned on Facebook... I'll put it this way: there has been some positive support that we have received, but mostly from people in other states. I have seen almost nothing from people in our own community - people that would call us "friends" - by some minor show of support - ALMOST NOTHING. This is the very reason why there are very few people that I consider a friend.

Now let's see how this post will stir things up in our "community" - if at all.

Now back to my coffee.

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