22 August 2011

Day 233 (Getting Old Really Stinks)

Today is my last day at home. Tomorrow, Chuck and I will get a load out of Jonesboro, AR headed for Wilmington, IL, but what the load and delivery times are still unsure. It's been nice being home and I will be looking forward to returning here in a few weeks. The other night, I was doing something on the computer (I was actually entering the codes into mycokerewards.com), when my wife, Tikvah, noticed I was really having a hard time reading the codes (they are printed on those caps so small). She walked in and handed me her reading glasses, to which I replied, "no thanks, I really don't need those, I just wish Coke would print the codes to where you could read them." She continued to hold the glasses out and said, "just try them." So I put them on (quite reluctantly, I might add).

To my embarrassing surprise, they actually worked... I could not only read the codes, but it was very clear! I have never needed, nor worn, glasses before (except sunglasses, naturally)... NEVER! As I mentioned last night, I am... well, between 30 and death (I shall not reveal my true age, and only a few people even know what it is), so imagine my shock when a simple pair of 1.25 reading glasses from Family Dollar made things less blurry to read. At some point I will go get an eye exam, but for now reading glasses will do. I always thought it rather odd that my two youngest sons wear glasses but I didn't.

At least I don't need to read a menu at Starbucks, nor to make coffee at home!

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