05 August 2011

Day 216 (Hittin' The Road)

Our loading time for this load was anywhere from 1700 until around midnight, so that left a big window for the customer to work with. However, the loader at this facility (which is their corporate headquarters) came out and had me sign the paperwork - at 1430. Basically, we are loaded, scaled out and heading west long before 1700.

Yesterday was, well, less than eventful. When we left from Ft. Smith, AR, we were asked to shuttle one of our trailers up to Lowell, AR (which is just between Fayetteville and Bentonville) and drop it at a shop for some repairs. While we were in the area, Clinton and I went to AQ Chicken House (in Springdale) for dinner. I've been there many times. Each time I go, I always plan (for my next visit) to try one of their other recipes, and each time I get the same kind as usual: the "Over The Coals" recipe of fried chicken.

Once we ate, we finished our trip to Tulsa, making one stop on the west end of Springdale and a few stops in Tulsa: the Flying J, Super Target (which has a Starbucks - closing probably at 2000, and we arrived there at 2045... to which my wife taunted me, saying, "you can't get no Staaar-buuucks!"), then finally, around the corner from Super Target to a free standing Starbuck (hey Tikvah - I got my Starbucks... NYAH, NYAH, NYAAAH!). Finally going to the customer where we shut down for the night.

I stood outside last night for a little bit before I went to bed, noticing that even though there was a bit of humidity still lingering, the Tulsa area still has a certain quality to its atmosphere. Then it dawned on me... this is a higher plains region, where the air is still humid, but it's on the cusp of the drier regions.

I'm getting closer to the higher altitudes and the dry climates.

I can deal with that.

Soon... the mountains.

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