07 August 2011

Day 218 (Covering A Lot Of Ground)

We made it to Rock Springs, WY last night before we shut it down. I've been able to get a few good shots along the way, one in particular (which was taken yesterday, just west of Elk Mountain, WY) that I think has a pretty cool effect:

Another that I took, I didn't use any special effects on at all, and taken today right around Morgan, UT, just before you get to Ogden, on I-84 west bound:

It's scenery like this I don't get to see very often, so it's something of a treat when I do get the chance.

We're driving through Idaho right now - potato country. Idaho is rather unique, in that we are traveling on flat road (Kansas-type flat) right now, yet surrounded by mountains, though Clinton will be getting some good mountain driving experience once we hit Oregon. Oh yeah, there's this truck stop with a name we all know:

... and, yes, it even has a snake (not real, of course):

At this rate, we will probably be in Oregon - perhaps about 50 miles in - when we call it a day. Should that happen, we will have less than 500 to cover tomorrow... and we're not due in Woodinville, WA (Seattle are) until Wednesday morning, then finishing off in Burnaby, BC that afternoon.

Ok, I need some coffee now.

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