24 August 2011

Day 235 (Soon To Head In A Westerly Direction)

We are sitting here in Shelbyville, TN waiting for Walmart to get the trailer unloaded. From here we will head up to Sebree, KY and get a load going to Rogers, AR for tomorrow afternoon... though our hours may dictate something different (also depending on how long it takes for the customer to get us loaded).

Hopefully by going to Rogers, we will get pre-planned to pick up in Tulsa on Friday a load heading for the northwest (it doesn't hurt to hope, does it?). At this point there is no telling, just speculation. I must say, Chuck is proving to be a pretty good driver. He's had some driving experience in the past, but for him it's been a while. I had him back into a parking spot last night when we shut down. Fortunately it was in a part of the truck stop where there were still plenty of spots, hence - plenty of room (this way I can gauge what kind of time I need to spend with him to improve his skills). After last night, I don't think I'll have to worry too much about his backing proficiency.

While we are waiting, we have all necessary paperwork taken care of, the chili is cooking in the crockpot, now I think I'll take a nap... at least I'm back to meeting my deadline.

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