31 July 2011

Day 211 (I Really Don't Like Humidity!)

We started this morning from Matthews, MO, a small town in the southeastern part of the state. I made a stop in West Memphis, AR to top off the fuel, now we are continuing our way west. It's quite muggy out here. It's not the heat I detest, it's the humidity! Dry heat is a LOT more bearable. It's days like this I really long to be in Arizona, or even the California desert region (which, if I make it out there sometime, there's a guy I know, via Twitter and Facebook, whom I may take up on his offer to partake in a Prime Rib dinner, of his own culinary skills).

As we make our way to our employer's terminal in North Little Rock, we are enjoying the plethora of music I have on my iPod, first starting off with the tune "Voodoo People" by The Prodigy, a tune I first heard during last year's VloMo, and featured in a video offering during the afore mentioned event. Which reminds me, VloMo 11 is just 3 months away, and hopefully I can be disciplined enough to post a video each day.

I uploaded a few last year, but I'm hoping to cover each day of VloMo this year. Last year I was encouraged & inspired to become involved by a really cool cat I've only known via Twitter, @ernmander. I've not only subscribed to his YouTube page, but viewed many of his videos (of which, more often then not, are hilarious). I hope one day @ernmander and I will be able to meet in real life, it's rather difficult at present since he lives in England and I don't.

One day... and when we do, the tea will be my treat, mate!

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