29 July 2011

Day 209 (I'm In "Children Of The Corn" Country)

We arrived here in Lebanon, IN at around 1400 (ET) for a 1600 appointment, only to find that this customer adheres to their appointment schedule, so we had to wait. At the present moment (and it's 1700 eastern time now) it is still unsure what we will be doing next. By the looks of it so far, we may be here all weekend, which would mean a restart on our logbook.

One thing is for sure, I really don't want to be here at the customer's facility after sundown, since - judging by the surroundings - that could be rather unsafe, possibly even detrimental... in a Stephen King sort of way:

That picture is just across the dock where we are unloading. I did mention to Clinton how it did look a bit creepy. He replied, saying, "it's probably not that bad", to which I responded, "do you want to stick around here until after nightfall to find out?" - his answer: "No, not really."

As the day winds down, and the Sabbath approaches, I hope this evening finds all of you well... I'm on my way to seek out some coffee.

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