14 July 2011

Day 194 (A Welcomed Surprise)

Last night I shut down at the Pilot truck stop in West Memphis, AR, where I obtained one of the last 2 parking spot in the lot. Started rolling around 0745, continuing my trip to Ardmore, OK, when, about 75 miles east of North Little Rock, my fleet manager sent me a message NOT to go past our terminal there, that another driver was going to re-power the load. Once I arrived at the terminal, I inquired into the matter. I was then told the other driver was going to take the load the rest of the way, because the CSR (Customer Service Rep. a.k.a., the load planner) didn't think they would be able to get me another load that would ensure my making it home by Monday.

So I went in and got all my laundry finished, linked up with the other driver and did the trailer swap. My next assignment: go home. Yes, go home! Not that I'm complaining at all, though I would like another short run before Monday, but if this is the order of the day... then, I'll go home. This will be nice... I'll have a few extra days of relaxation (maybe).

By the way... yes, I got some coffee today!

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