09 July 2011

Day 189 (Heading East... Again)

I was loaded last night, but due to my hours, I didn't leave Franklin Park, IL until this morning... with my first grandé triple Marble Mocha Machiatto from Starbucks in three days. I'm presently on the Ohio Turnpike, continuing east, and stopped on the Commodore Perry Service Plaza, where I obtained a refill of the aforementioned tasty beverage as well as getting a Lox & Bagel from Einstein Bros. Bagels.

The weather has been a little warm, but nice, and traffic hasn't been too bad either. Lovely days like this are such a blessing from The L-rd, and especially so on the Sabbath. It makes one truly thankful to be in good health - and employed... more so considering the tumultuous times we are currently in. As we see how drastically our society is changing (unfortunately not for the better), and those very changes are being choreographed and conducted which are leading us down a destructive path toward Socialism (or in the theme of Ayn Rand, a country of "looters"). Where the very idea of wealth is being told to us as being "bad"... ironically enough, by the very ones who are wealthy, and are so off the work & sweat of others' labor - NOT their own.

But I digress... even in the midst of these economically stressful times, we should find our joy not in what we have, but in the surroundings around us (trees, mountains, birds, etc.) and, more importantly, The Creator that has provided these for us. Take joy in these things. Do something impulsive, like breaking out in a dance in the middle of a grocery store, all the while offering praise and thanks to G-d that He has given you that joy. Remember, wherever we go and whatever we do, G-d is always watching us... the least we could do is be entertaining!

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