11 July 2011

Day 191 (One More Week Until I'm Home)

This morning was, well... a morning. I was up at 0530 (eastern time, though my body was protesting since it's still on central) and checked in. The facility was in such disarray, it was hard to believe how they are still in business. I was told to back into a door that still had a truck backed up to it, while the driver was waiting in line to get his paperwork so he could leave. Once I did get backed in, then to the receiving office, it was an hour before I got up to the window.

Now that it's over, I'm on this broker load that I've already loaded in Fulton, NY (north of Syracuse), then to Sharonville, OH (just north of Cincinnati) where they will unload this and reload my trailer with product that goes to the final destination of Elkhart, KY (where ever that is). All this is to be finished by 0600 Wednesday morning. It's not too bad though, since this is a really light load. The most frustrating thing so far is that of all the service plazas on the New York Thruway (I-90 toll road), not one of them has a Starbucks. The way it's looking so far, I may have to wait until tomorrow for my coffee fix.

This can not end well.

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