26 July 2011

Day 206 (Heading To Missouri)

We were unloaded in pretty short order this morning, after which I drove us up to Franklin, PA, a small town east of Erie. We arrived there, were loaded fairly quickly, then on our way. However, once we were about 40 miles away (almost into Ohio), Monica, my fleet manager, sent me a message to call the broker. When I called, I was informed that I had to go back because the customer loaded a few bundles of the wrong product.

I drove back, they fixed the problem (in about 30 minutes) and we were on our way - really on our way. We pulled in to the Pilot truck stop in Lodi, OH, got some fuel (though it couldn't be too much, since we are pretty heavy: about 79,200 with a 1/2 tank of fuel), then went across the street and partook in the consumption of Popeye's chicken and... you guessed it - my special coffee at Starbucks.

Clinton is driving right now, which is why I'm able to get this post up (albeit, a little late). We are heading towards Columbus right now, hopefully making it into Indiana before we shut down tonight, though I hope we are able to stop at a Dollar General sometime soon, since there are a few things I need to get. There's not a major rush on this load, we are not expected in Moberly, MO until 1300 on Thursday, but I would like to get there tomorrow night and roll in to the customer first thing in the morning, hopefully get unloaded early. The sooner we can get unloaded, the sooner we can go pick up our next load... that is, unless we don't get pre-planned tomorrow.

I'm debating right now whether or not to keep training. It's not a bad gig. The only problem with it right now is if I get a student that doesn't have a passport - and they usually don't - then that takes me off the availability list for the Canada loads. There is the option of taking the student up that way, then dropping him off at a truck stop just before the border, going in to deliver the load, then pick him up on the return... but I don't really consider that an option. If it's something that I wouldn't want done to me, why would I want to do it to somebody else?

Your thoughts?

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