21 July 2011

Day 201 (I Will Have A New Student)

Today I'm enjoying my last day at home, for tomorrow it's back to work. I found out from Monica, my fleet manager, that I will be training a new student. His name is Clinton, he's from Memphis, and... that's all I know for right now. So far as I know (at the moment) he doesn't have a passport, so I may have to wait a while before I can get a load to Canada. That will be a bummer, since I'm excited about going.

As the last few days, this will be short. Since Tikvah has been sick this week, I'm going to head into the kitchen and start making some Matzoh Ball Soup with some chicken stock, hopefully that will help her. I've been at home for a week now (not making any money), and I'd much rather be here to take care of her until she's back on her feet, but unfortunately I don't have a disposable income. She is feeling better now than she did a couple days ago, so I hope this helps her more. Please (for those that do so) keep her in prayer.

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