28 July 2011

Day 208 (One More Short Run For The Week)

We unloaded this afternoon in Moberly, MO and are now sitting in the door waiting to load here in Jefferson City (which, as I had mentioned in a previous post, is one of the few state capitals that does NOT have a major interstate.). This is a short run, it only goes to Lebanon, IN for tomorrow afternoon.

It's been hot today, real hot, and I'm so grateful for having an air conditioner that works great. I am very ready for winter to begin, and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I've tried that concept of imagining something cold (such as ice cream, snow, etc.) to try to trick the brain into cooling the body down, but that psychological mumbo jumbo doesn't work worth a hoot. I'll just stick with my a/c. Hot weather I really don't mind, it's the humidity I can't tolerate. Give me a dry desert heat any time!

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