21 July 2011

Day 200 (Almost Time To Go Back To Work)

These last few days have been very relaxing, very enlightening, and quite enjoyable. Yesterday my medical procedure went well, tomorrow is my last full day at home. Our friend, Rabbi Cohen, will be heading out tomorrow, and the fellowship we have had with him has been - to say the least - eye opening. I have been hungry for that deep studying for a long time, and I now have a few resources to utilize for that type of study.

My procedure that was done yesterday has not left me in pain, but rather a little discomfort, so I know HaShem has His hand... after all, I did just fulfill a mitzvah. I do believe that I'll be seeing things through different eyes, studying scripture in a whole different way. Basically, HaShem will be taking Tikvah and I into a much deeper level. As I mentioned last night, I may start a different blog with these study insights, but they may not be for a couple weeks, or months.

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