30 July 2011

Day 210 (Soon To Be Texas Bound)

Clinton and I parked at the Flying J in Lebanon, IN last night, where we showered at this morning, as well as taking my short walk to the local Starbucks. We got the fuel topped off in Indianapolis, the trailer washed out, and now we are sitting in the dock door on the west end waiting to get loaded. This load delivers Monday at 1700 in Grand Prairie, TX (an urban town in the Dallas area).

This, as usual, has been a peaceful and pleasant Sabbath. The weather has been a bit warm, but there's also been a nice breeze blowing. I'm hoping we can make it into Missouri before we shut down for the night.

The plan so far is to go by the terminal in North Little Rock and get a shower, then do the laundry before finishing off the trip toward Dallas. One never knows how many things play out until they happen, such as how long a customer takes to load the trailer, etc. The traffic shouldn't be too bad, since Little Rock, AR and the Dallas area are the only major cities we'll have to drive through (Memphis won't be that bad, since we can skirt the brunt of it). But, as with many things, we'll just take it as it comes.

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