06 July 2011

Day 186 (Heading To Ohio)

This morning I rolled into Olathe, KS and the load I picked up was ready and pre-loaded. This can be surprising at times considering it's a Tyson facility. This load is taking me to Washington Courthouse, OH for tomorrow afternoon. It's not a bad run, but I wait, patiently, for this company to acquire some new accounts that will have some good runs. It gets rather mundane to run just in a certain regional area. Trust me, I like the work, but I'm longing for a change of scenery.

I enjoy going into the northern states (Minnesota, Wisconsin, both Dakotas), and of course, the west, as well as the Pacific Northwest. Winter time in those states don't bother me. Many drivers refuse to go up there in the snow, but I don't mind (then again, I like snow). As long as you don't drive like some moron, snow is not bad. The northern states have the equipment to deal with it, and are not afraid to use it... which is more than I can say for the state of Arkansas.

I guess the reason I'm going on about snow is, since it's summer (and hot), the imagery might play some sort of psychological trick on the mind and help to cool you down... it's working for me (then again, my truck's a/c is working - well!).

Now I'm off, continuing my venture down the road to Ohio, and perhaps seek out some Starbucks (who am I kidding... that is a requirement for me).

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