22 July 2011

Day 202 (4 Weeks To Go)

I'm back on the road now, sitting here in Russellville, AR picking up a load that has two drops on Sunday in Ohio, then finishes off Monday morning in Pennsylvania. Once I'm done here, I'll stop at our North Little Rock terminal to pick up Clinton (my student). After being home for a few days, it's usually hard heading back out on the road, but since I've been home for a week, that makes it even more difficult to leave.

As some of you know (more specifically, those on Twitter and Facebook) I have been transferring some of the posts of earlier this year from WordPress to Blogger. I'm doing this to get all of my posts consolidated in one location (though I'm wondering if WordPress has become the better blogging platform). Blogger or WordPress seems to be the ongoing question among many different bloggers. The reason I chose the former is, when I first ventured in this realm of blogging (though at that time I wasn't even remotely avid in it), Blogger was the only platform I had heard of - so it stands to reason that would be the one I stick with... as opposed to the ones that jump to the "latest and the greatest." If you're a tech reviewer, then, yeah, check them out. I am not, nor am I a "power blogger" (nor do I do it for any financial gain - though it would be nice to write AND make money), but why jump around?

The only reason I started using WordPress was due to the fact they had an app that was iPhone compatible - Blogger did not. It was once I found the BlogPress app, that I went back to Blogger. Sure I can have even more flexibility with WP if I get a subscription, but if I'm going to pay, then why not start a website? I may go the website direction, but not now. Right now, I need to get some coffee.

What say you?

- Another rant via BlogPress

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