08 July 2011

Day 188 (What A Day!)

As I mentioned yesterday, I had just enough time (after I got loaded) to make it to the truck stop before I ran out of hours. Therefore, I was leaving out of Washington Courthouse, OH at about 0900 (Eastern time) this morning, drove straight through to Peoria, IL and arrived there at a little past 1430 (they gave me until 1500, otherwise I would have to wait until Monday to get unloaded). They made short order of the unloading process, after which I (after making a fuel stop) made it to Franklin Park, IL, (the Chicago area) and still have 52 minutes of driving left.

I would have made it sooner, except I hit rush hour traffic. The problem is that during the afternoon rush hour, the heavy traffic is usually on the side leaving the metro city (in this case, Chicago), but the heavier traffic was on the north bound side of I-55 - going into the metro area. I figure that the reason is, perhaps, there is a baseball game going on tonight (why bother with either the Cubs or the White Sox... they BOTH stink - here that, Chris?). Speaking of baseball, my Red Sox are back in the #1 spot for their division again (YANKEES STINK WORSE THAN SKUNKS!!!).

In other news, we now have a new addition to our family, which my lovely wife, Tikvah, just adopted from our local Humane Society shelter. So, ladies & gentlemen... meet Lady:

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