07 July 2011

Day 187 (Doing Something Long Overdue)

I made it here to Walmart (how I so detest them) in Washington Courthouse, OH. My next load actually picks up literally around the corner from here and goes to Peoria, IL, to which I should be theresometime tomorrow. What I will be doing after that is still unknown.

I started doing this blog at the beginning of the year on a challenge by some good people on Twitter. When I first began, I was using the WordPress blogging platform, as there was an app for said platform that was iPhone friendly. Though I already had an account on Blogger (and actually preferred that better), I was still a bit limited with what I could do on Blogger via iPhone. Over time I came across an app that supported both. I kept the WordPress going for awhile, but eventually transitioned back to Blogger (and, sadly, lost a couple subscribers whom didn't follow me over). Over the next coming days and/or weeks (whichever case may apply), I will be re-posting those earlier posts here on the Blogger account - not in lieu of the daily posting, but to make them accessible here.

That having been said, there are a few days (somewhere between 3 and 5, to be more precise) that will NOT be posted, due to the fact that while playing around with the BlogPress app, I deleted those posts - permanently. Call it "being unfamiliar with the app's capabilities" if you like, but I prefer (only because I tend to be my own worst critic) to call it "a temporary case of Cerebral Flatulence".

I think I may also try to contact those prior subscribers and ask if they would consider... I dare say that it is "new & improved" (as it is neither), perhaps the best thing is to be honest: get on my virtual hands & knees and beg for a second chance. If that doesn't work, I'll just bribe them with a drink from Starbucks (well, it would work for me).

- Another rant via BlogPress

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