03 July 2011

Day 183 (I'm Done Until Tuesday)

Yesterday my plan was, once I finished unloading, to head to Rogers, AR and shut down for the night. That didn't happen. Thanks to the ever vigilant efficiency of Walmart (note the sarcasm), I did not have the time on my logbook to make it the 90 some odd miles to Rogers. As I mentioned yesterday (I think), my next load is going from Rogers to Springfield, MO (Tuesday morning at 0900), then finishing off in Moberly, MO (that afternoon at 1525). Surprisingly enough, I called Tyson last night to inquire of the progress of that load, to find out that it was already loaded.

So I slept in a little this morning, made a couple stops in Springdale (to take care of a few things), up to Rogers. There I did my drop & hook and prepared my ingredients for tonight's dinner, via my crock pot. Last night I put my (just under) 3 pound roast in a Lock & Lock container, pierced it with a fork, then emptied the contents of 2 bottles of Liquid Smoke (1 Hickory flavored, 1 Mesquite flavored) where the roast sat, marinating in the refrigerator for 12 hours. In about 1 more hour it should be ready for consumption (along with the other ingredients of garlic, red pearl onions, and a chopped dried chipotle pepper). I intended to add some fresh green beans for the last 1 1/2 hours, but the grocery store I stopped at had none, so the beans were substituted with petite mushrooms.

I am about 18 miles from the customer of the first drop, and I will remain at this truck stop (T/A in Strafford, MO, I-44 exit 88 - in case somebody is in the area and feels like popping in for a visit) until about 0715 Tuesday morning... and I'll be able to get a restart on my logbook.

Oh yeah... yes, I stopped at a Starbucks - just in case you were wondering.

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