17 July 2011

Day 197 (Sunday: Relaxing And Work?!)

A nice day, very enjoyable to be home. Came home after services and my lovely wife, Tikvah, made a wonderful spicy Spaghetti for lunch/dinner, after which we lied down for a nap. We are up about now, but I'll have to leave in a couple hours. No big deal, though... it's just a quick run to Jonesboro, AR and back. My fleet manager, Monica, called Friday and asked if I could do this favor. The original driver tried to see if the customer would unload it early, but they wouldn't. So he came out here to the truck stop where I park and swapped both the trailers out.

I went out yesterday to check the level of the trailer fuel, and since it was low, I topped it off. I'll leave here about 1915, head to Jonesboro (the delivery appointment is for 2200), and once I'm empty, I'll head back - which means I'll have to set the DVR to record the latest episode of Leverage. Tomorrow I'm going to relax... it's my day.

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