02 July 2011

Day 182 (A Short Weekend, Yet So Long)

I am sitting about a quarter mile from the Walmart D.C. I'll be delivering at shortly, but I figured I should get this out (even though I'm already past my deadline). Once I'm finished at Walmart, I'll make my way up to Rogers, AR. What I said in my parenthetical title is due to the fact that I'm picking up this next load at Tyson, and it may not be ready. The latest they have to get it loaded is 0400 Tuesday morning, to which my first drop is due at 0900 in Springfield, MO, then finishes off at 1535 in Moberly, MO. For a total of 299 miles, it's not much, and doesn't afford me the luxury of going home. I hope the trailer will be pre-loaded, as I would much rather sit at the customer waiting to be unloaded then being out on the road at zero-dark-thirty, against my body's natural sleeping rhythm.

Other than that, it's been a peaceful Sabbath... hotter than H - E - double hockey stick, but peaceful. I really shouldn't kvetch too much about the next load... it's better than the previously pre-planned load, which didn't deliver until Wednesday morning in Springfield, OH (though I wouldn't mind a load with more miles on it). At least I'll be able to get a restart on my logbook.

... and coffee (Starbucks, perhaps).

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