27 July 2011

Day 207 (Not A Bad Day)

We made it as far as Eaton, OH last night, which is 10 miles from the Ohio/Indiana state line on I-70. Yesterday's delay (traveling 40 miles then having to go back to the shipper) really set us back. Today, though, hasn't been too bad; got a shower, mild traffic, good (but hot) weather, and - at the moment, at least - driving down the road while listening to Heavy Shift on my iPod (their cd The Last Picture Show makes good driving music).

As of yet I have no idea what awaits us tomorrow, as there is not a pre-plan on us. Even though the delivery appointment isn't until 1300 tomorrow, I would prefer to get pre-planned today so I know what I'm doing next, thus I can plan accordingly. As I may have mentioned before, I like to plan ahead. The less I have to do "at the last minute" the better - and less stressful - I am. I guess that's the Marine that's still in me.

When I spoke to Michelle earlier, she was telling me that our oldest son, Paul, was going to a doctor's appointment in Oceanside, CA. I told her I wish I'd have known before, then I would have sent him some money to get me some things from one of the military stores there. When she asked what, I told her, "I don't know maybe a REAL carabiner... I might start rappelling again. Wanna do it with me?" She replied, "No thanks, I'll just watch you from the ground."

Rappelling doesn't sound bad... perhaps I will start doing it again. First I may have to move to another state, as Arkansas probably doesn't have any viable locations for it.

At least they have Starbuck.

Rappelling gives a better, and faster, rush.

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