05 July 2011

Day 185 (Back To "Business As Usual")

I didn't think it fitting to have as my parenthetical title "Back To Work" as I had not really been away from it, I was still on the road and away from my family. I am, sadly, used to it; being away from home, and especially during a holiday. This is the life I lead, then again, there's not much other options to choose from, since where I live the other available employment is retail, fast food, or factory. In an area where the main factor at play that determines what position you can occupy is "it's not what you know, but who you know", there's little left to be desired. Sure, that may be an unspoken policy everywhere, but at least in a larger city you don't notice as much because, at times, what you know actually does matter... and can bear a favorable outcome on one's behalf.

I've made my delivery in Springfield, MO this morning, and once I get unloaded at this Walmart in Moberly, MO, I'll be on my way to Olathe, KS (another Tyson) to pick up my next load going to Washington Courthouse, OH (another Walmart). It could be worse... I could be without coffee.

That could be bad.

VERY bad.

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