12 July 2011

Day 192 (A Visit To Izzy's)

This afternoon, I made my delivery in Mason, OH, now I'm on my way to Elkhart, KY for tomorrow morning. Rather than my usual banter, I want to make you aware of a fabulous place to eat. This is a place that has a challenge similar to that of The Big Texan steakhouse in Amarillo, TX (72 ounce steak, with all the "fixins", in an hour or less), but more befitting my fellow foodies who may prefer to frequent the deli's in their area. In Florence, KY (about 10 miles south of Cincinnati, OH, and the location I'm familiar with - as there is a Starbucks next door) about a large variety of stores, shops, and other eateries, is a place that is worth a visit at ANY time. Izzy's is not new to the food industry by any means. In fact, the birth of Izzy's goes back to 1901, when they first opened the first store in Cincinnati. I've eaten there before, ordering just a standard Reuben sandwich. I say "standard" because they also have what is called "The 110 Challenge."

What this consists of is the complete consumption (on the premises, of course) of their massive (and that is not an exaggeration) sandwich. It has one full pound of Corned Beef:

as well as all the other items of a Reuben: sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing, PLUS a huge potato pancake (which is actually 4 of their standard potato pancakes cooked as one):

all this, as well as a large pickle... after all, what's a Reuben without the pickle?

This entire masterpiece even has a specially made rye bun to accommodate it's contents. When it's all put together, it's quite a site:

For those that may brave enough to take this challenge, this gastronomic behemoth must be consumed in 30 minutes or less... and it has been done! To get it as it is (as in my case - to go) it will run you about $30 (just under $32 with tax), if you attempt to eat it at their restaurant, and are unsuccessful, they will only charge you about $20, and get a pin-on button:

If you, however, take the challenge... and succeed, you get the sandwich for free, plus a t-shirt:

Look on their website for other locations, in case you happen to live near one, or if you're traveling through the Cincinnati area. Even if you don't take the challenge, their sandwiches - and their potato pancakes - are amazing! By the way, my completed sandwich weighed in at 5.70 pounds... this is going to take me a few days to complete (I'll be taking a few bites for you, Dad... may you rest in peace!).

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Izzy's said...

On behalf of Izzy's, thank you for showcasing our 110 Reuben... All are welcome to take it on.. Come Hungry!