01 March 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 59 (Time To Put On Your Big Boy Pants!)

I left out of Rogers, AR at 0230 on the 28th, and they (Tyson) expected me to make my first drop in Shipshewana, IN (716 miles away) by 0700 on the 1st. However, my parenthetical title is not in reference to my beef with them, but more towards many of the other truck drivers I encounter on the road. You, in fact, have also encountered them: the ones that are slobs, always in a foul mood, and gripe about everything.

Tonight there was a driver that's talking about leaving the company he (and I) drive for. His complaint was low miles, sitting around waiting to load, etc., etc. The problem here is, a) I'm not the one you should complain to, but your dispatcher, and, b) things may not be going your way, but here's a news flash for you: they rarely do! It's this funny little thing called "life" - deal with it! This may not be the best company to work for, but considering what I went through with my previous employer, this is the best company for me. Besides, now is NOT the time to switch employers... start somewhere else, things go fine at first, then WHAM!, it begins to tank, you're not happy and the cycle begins again... dude (and this goes to ALL with whom it applies), suck it up - and above all... don't just talk with your dispatcher - COMMUNICATE!

I'm sure many of you encounter this type of person within your workplaces, so this banter can actually be an "equal opportunity reality check," should you choose such an option.

I may not get many miles this week, which will give me a scant paycheck... but at least I will have a paycheck - and one that I worked for, not one that I felt "entitled" to. I guess the words of my SSgt (when I was stationed in Guam) have stuck with me all these years: EARN YOUR PAY!

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