22 March 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 81 (There's No "Panic On The Streets Of London" - Ohio, That Is)

We started off this morning from Strafford, MO and are now shut down in London, OH... a total of 612 miles away, 305 of those were driven by Alan. Tomorrow we will finish this trip, plus I have my special blog post to put up (I've given a few teasers in the past).

As of right now, we only have about 461 miles left on this run, and where we head to next is unknown. Obviously it's been a full day, and one that has been fueled by not one, but TWO visits to Starbucks - how cool is that (yay, me)! Tomorrow I will make a call to the customer we are delivering to, in the hopes they allow for overnight truck parking on their property, which I hope they do as it makes things a lot more convenient.

We shall see!

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terrinakamura said...

Sweet, Doug. What a wonderful tribute to your time together. Wishing you many more years of happiness together!