03 March 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 62 (Chicago? Still?!)

I am still here in Chicago. As it turned out, the distributor I'm delivering to didn't have room for the chicken I brought in, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get unloaded. I did, however, get to walk around the general vicinity a bit, including this place, which may be familiar to you all:

Yep, just a few blocks away from where I deliver. There were a variety of different eating establishments as well, including a place call Alhambra Palace (a Moroccan restaurant):

Their Lamb Tagine was pretty good:

... though I have to admit, not as flavorful as I expected... then again, I didn't really know what to expect. I'm sure whenever I get a clay Tagine cooker, I could probably do better (not to brag, but my sons - even in their pre-teen years, when they are most picky - rarely complained about my cooking).

There were some nice photo opportunities I seized upon, such as Randolph Rd., facing east toward the I-90/94 expressway:

Other than that, it's been rather uneventful. Fortunately, the customer I'm delivering to has a secured parking lot, so I don't have to hassle with the hustlers, though I do wish I could go back to the Alhambra Palace, as there is a band playing there tonight. The artist's name escapes me, but it's R&B, though at the sound check (when I was there), the bassist, drummer, and keyboardist were throwing down some smokin' grooves! Perhaps another time.

But it would have been cool to jam (on drums) with them... if only during the sound check.

Those cats were smokin'!

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K. L. Kerr said...

Aw man that Tagine looks tasty! Haven't had a tagine in such a long time (my auntie's husband is Morroccan he makes the BEST tagines you can imagine).

Oh, and now I'm hungry =D

Doug said...

I saw a Tangine cooker at a LaCreuset outlet store a few weeks back, ever since then I've wanted one (though I will probably get the traditional clay). Thanks, Ms. Kerr for your comment (by the way, the food was pretty good, though I doubt they used the Tangine cooker to prepare the food).