28 February 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 58 (This Could Get Interesting)

Today, as it turns out, I did get a load, but since it delivers Wednesday afternoon just north of Indianapolis, IN - and I am due to go home Thursday, with Indianapolis being nowhere near where I live - well... I'll just say that The L-rd has it all worked out. Sure, I could wait until Friday, but I have a dentist appointment that morning.

I'm presently sitting in Rogers, AR waiting for my trailer to finish loading. Once it's done, I have a drop in Shipshewana, IN, then Indianapolis, then finally Gas City, IN on Wednesday at around 1500. Needless to say, these next few days will be adventurous.

Earlier this evening, my wife and I were talking (wishfully at this point) of moving back to California. IF we do, it may be several years down the road, and The L-rd would have to direct us there... but we are dreaming. Looking around online, she did find a 2 bedroom condo in Merced for about $49,000 - and in a gated community. WOW!! that's a steal! But like I said - dreaming. I do miss Cali, the variety of food, cultures, nightlife... and, of course, the beaches. One of my favorite beach communities to visit when I was in the Marines was San Clemente - just north of Camp Pendleton, and a lot to do, from hanging out at the beach, to browsing through the different stores, to just relaxing in one of the coffee shops (go figure). San Clemente is also where I got involved with the Community Theatre, and had done a few shows - there, as well as in Westminster. I have some fond memories of back then. One day we will go back and build some new ones.

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trkinwithmikey said...

San Clemente is a long ways from Merced,that's up close to Modesto