27 March 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 86 (In Texas, Is It Still Called "Texas Toast" Or Just "Toast"?)

This morning we started from Fairview, TN and continuing to make our way to Longview, TX. Alan got some good experience yesterday - we had some snowfall coming through the Louisville area, big flakes I might add. It wasn't exactly a heavy fall, much like what is commonly seen in Denver, CO or Cheyenne, WY, but it was uncommon, since it was Kentucky in mid-March.

These last 2 weeks he has seen a bit of the real environment I have endured all these years - rude, inconsiderate, and self-centered driver... especially from fellow truck drivers. The good thing is, he remains undeterred from continuing in this line of work (we all have to support our families, right?).

This trip will find us making our way through Texarkana, a city that, like Kansas City, is on a state line and covers two states (Texarkana is in Texas & Arkansas; Kansas City is in Kansas & Missouri). I was hoping we would make it into Longview tonight, but our logbook hours won't allow that plan to come to its fruition, so we'll have to finish it up in the morning.

In just a few more days I'll be dropping Alan from my truck and he'll be getting his own, then I'll go home for a few days. I may have a new student by then, and the cycle will begin anew... or there may not be any students.

I'll find out.

Sooner or later.

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