25 March 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 84 (Wooster? What's In Wooster)

The Nestlé load we had didn't make it to Bedford Heights, OH by 0800 (we ran out of hours), so the broker that we got the load from had it rescheduled for 2000. However, it got unloaded about 3 1/2 hours early (which is good), so Alan drove us here in Wooster, OH, where we will pick up our load tomorrow afternoon, though we are hoping to get it loaded early as well. This load will take us to Longview, TX, which delivers Monday.

Today, I have moved Alan into the 3rd phase of his training. What that means is he will be doing it ALL - the only thing I will be doing is observing. For this third week, it will be as if I'm not in the truck... he will do all the paperwork, route planning, calling customers for directions, etc; basically, I'm just getting him fine-tuned and prepared to go solo: his own truck. Although, I have informed him that once he goes out in his own truck, I am still just a phone call away, should he have any questions. Three weeks could never give you even a majority of "real world" scenarios that one may encounter as a truck driver. These last 2 weeks, Alan has seen many types of situations he may encounter, but still has barely scratched the surface. In the 10+ years I've driven, there is still something I encounter that I haven't dealt with before.

I think he will do well. Only time, and experience, will refine his skills and abilities that three weeks cannot.

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