28 March 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 87 (Oklahomaaaa, O.K. - I Guess)

We unloaded this morning in Longview, TX, and are now sitting at a chicken plant (NOT Tyson), waiting to pick up a load bound for Enid, OK, though the 0700 delivery tomorrow we will not make. This is due to, as I've mentioned in previous posts, us being out of hours in accordance with the "14 hour rule" as established by the Department Of Transportation, a.k.a. DOT.

In a few more days, Alan will be processed out of the training program and his status changed from "student" to "driver", and he will be getting assigned a truck. I think he will do well, as long as he keeps his current level of caution.

I sit here looking across the street and I see a chicken wandering through the trailer drop lot, possibly plotting its next phase of the impromptu escape, one that was suddenly "hatched" out of opportunity. It reminds me of a time, several years ago (and at a Tyson plant in NC) when Michelle saw a loose chicken. She ran after it, trying to chase it off the property, shouting, "Run away! Run away! Save yourself" - very similar to Eric Idle in Monty Python & The Holy Grail, except he was running away... from a rabbit.

Aaaah, the funny memories we have, and the odd situations of life that trigger them!

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