24 March 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 83 (Cleveland Doesn't Rock - It Just Wobbles)

Alan and I are still here on the west side of Allentown, but now we are getting loaded at Nestlé with product delivering tomorrow morning in Bedford Heights, OH, a suburb city of Cleveland. I had Alan back into the dock door, which posed a bit of a challenge for him, since there are trailers just across from the dock doors, not to mention the trailers in the doors on either side of us. But he did pretty well. I was outside spotting for him since he had not done anything like this before, but he took it in stride, and did a pretty good job.

Though it's less than 400 miles to Bedford Heights, the longer they take to load us - and as of this writing, they haven't started - the longer this night could be.

Last night was nice, though, because while we were in the truck stop, it snowed - and it was pretty watching it come down. There wasn't very much, but it was enjoyable watching it fall. The Weather Channel called for a rain/snow mix last night (which it did), and snow today (which has yet to show itself).

Maybe snow tonight.

Maybe not.

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