03 March 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 61 (This Crazy Little Thing Called "Life")

As I mentioned the other day, there is a crazy little thing, simply known as "life", which, unfortunately, has reared its ugly head towards me. I picked up this load in Green Forest, AR and it's bound for Chicago. Well, the driver that was going to swap, decided his home time was more important than mine (it's not like I'm dealing with a bad tooth, or anything like that). Therefore, I am now sitting in Chicago... but I have this feeling that The Lord has something in store, something which I will find out when the time comes.

It's about 25° here and no snow (BOO!). What can I say about Chicago that hasn't been said? Where I am at is the Marketplace District... streets are lined with all kinds of markets (meat & produce) with the occasional speciality distributor (Hispanic, Asian, etc.), not to mention delivery trucks, either owned by those distributors, or the outside carriers bringing product in (such as me). Come sunrise, this area will be alive with activity.

In many cases, this area can be crawling with hustlers and scam artists, trying to shyster the drivers for money, either because it's a "show of gratitude" because the hustler told the driver where there was a safe place to park, or because their "mother is in the hospital" - welcome to Chicago! It's usually like this, but not tonight. It's actually rather quiet, an almost eerie dormancy.

I have a couple friends that live here, people I knew from the Marines, and I can understand going back home. I'm originally from Ft. Lauderdale, but I didn't move back, mainly because I don't like the humidity (yet, I live in Arkansas - go figure THAT one out)... but Chicago? Oh well, different strokes, etc., etc.

There is a lot to choose from here. In fact, I passed a Lebanese/Greek restaurant on the way here (and I would have stopped, had I not already picked up something from subway when I topped off my fuel) - and being the foodie I am, I'm always on the lookout for different places. However, me being Jewish, I'm sure I would have turned a couple heads if I walked into the Lebanese place - but the food! One other thing I should add to close with... there is a Starbucks just a couple blocks away. In the morning I may be holding true to my motto:
Carpe Java (seize the coffee).

note: I threw that in there for two people - my wife Michelle, and Lauri Rottmayer.

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Anonymous said...

Man, Chicago sucks. I'd be annoyed. But at least you have a good outlook lol.