16 March 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 75 (You Just Might Be A Truck Driver Yet, Kemosabe)

A lot of progress has been made by Alan today... Sunday (his first actual day of driving with me) he drove 195 miles, today he covered 410 of the 553 we covered. As any truck driver will attest to, it takes time to build up your driving stamina & endurance. It's no easy task to condition oneself to drive several hundred miles per day, not to mention the multitude of other tasks you must attend to with each load; route planning, time management, customer directions, and fuel stops along the way are just a few.

By the third week, I should be doing nothing more than sitting, observing, and fine-tuning... Alan should be doing it all as if it's his truck and he's the only person in it - so far he's off to a pretty good start.

We would have already been at the customer's facility, except Knoxville road crews decided to reduce the east bound side of I-40 from 3 lanes of traffic to one - DURING RUSH HOUR! That in itself delayed us enough to have to shut down 80 miles away (we ran out of hours).

It happens... we'll go at it again tomorrow.

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