21 March 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 80 (Well We're Heading Out To Allentown - Yes, Another Song Reference)

It's Monday, the day is over, and we've been given the bird again... turkeys this time. Alan (my student - for any new readers) and I are taking a load of Butterball to PA. Today, one of the instructors at our company's training center was checking up to see how Alan was doing, to which I informed Mike that Alan was doing quite well.

At our company, any new student that gets on a truck with a trainer, must be out at least 3 weeks before getting their own truck and going solo. If that trainer is still not comfortable with the student's abilities, they can keep them out another week or two. With what I have seen, I don't think I'll have to keep Alan for more than the required minimum time frame. I have been pretty impressed, and, basically, all I'll be doing for his last week is fine-tuning. One thing that helps a trainer is when the student is not arrogant, as most younger people are. Alan, being slightly older that I, is neither arrogant, cocky, nor a "know-it-all." These next (less than) two weeks will be to help him to find a routine that is beneficial to HIS success; a pattern that will help him to remember all that is required, until it becomes to him as it is to me: second nature.

I'm quite sure of this...

... and I'm never wrong - I may not always be right, but I'm never wrong.

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