15 March 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 74 (You Are Doing Well, Young Jedi)

We finished our trip to Horn Lake, MS, which Alan drove the last 200 miles. I also had him back the trailer into the dock door, just to see how he performed... and my analysis can only be summed up in the words of Darth Vader: "impressive... most impressive." While the trailer was getting unloaded, I spoke with Patrick (another friend and fellow truck driver) and jokingly told him that Alan backed a trailer better the him.

After the trailer got unloaded, I drove us up to Matthews, MO, where we got fuel and showers (NOT together), then finished our journey to Dexter, MO, where our Wilkesboro, NC load was not only ready, but preloaded on one of our spot trailers (rather efficient for Tyson). We are now back in Matthews, where we parked for the night.

Seeing the influx of trucks trying to get the last remaining parking spots reminds me of some of the outlying areas of California, where trucks, there too, are scattering about trying to shut down for the night. Two such places would be Mojave (between Bakersfield and Barstow) and Lost Hills (about 120 miles north of L.A.). I've always liked parking in areas like that because there is a certain amount of isolation, away from the cacophonous cities. A place to look up at the sky, and even, in the summer months, feel the warm breeze blowing across the desert floor. Depending on where I'm at, even here the rustling of a lone tumbleweed as it makes its way, aimlessly, through the California tundra.

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