05 March 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 64 (I'm Just An Okie From Muskogee... Ok, Not Really)

This has been a peaceful & relaxed day, as well it should be - it's the Sabbath. I started today from Madison, IL. Before I left from there, I was running low on milk, so I took the company vehicle into St. Louis, about 5 miles away, where they not only had milk, but it was Oberweis brand, which means it's milk in glass bottles. The place I went to, which is a common market chain in the St. Louis area, is called Schnuck's, but since it's located in the downtown part of S.L., it's designed in a more upscale motif (therefore it's called "Schnuck's Culinaria"). I was hoping another one of our drivers came along so he could have driven, and I could have collected a few pictures for you. Instead, I got just one:

Like this really surprises you, right?

Out across I-44, and into Joplin, MO, where I stopped to top off the fuel tanks (they do need attention sometimes). After I left there, I continued on, into OK, to Muskogee, where I am presently. Muskogee (sounds like the name for a bad smelling aftershave) is about 48 miles SE of Tulsa, and approximately 150 miles east (with a slight jog to the north) of Oklahoma City. It's a fairly decent sized city... big enough to warrant the ability to rock a 3G on AT&T. It's quiet here right now, and chilly (30°). No worries... I hope to rest nicely, and kick out these last 260 miles tomorrow. The depressing thing today is that my phone continues to be useless as a phone without my headset, and I have been unable to talk to my angel, but I got to hear her voice, along with an exchange of texts, but it's still not the same.

Let's see what the new day brings... maybe Starbucks...

... Please?

... Anyone?

... Beuller?

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