06 March 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 65 (Not "Deep In The Heart" Of Texas - More Like The Shoulderblade)

I made it to Arlington, TX at a relatively decent time, PLUS I was able to stop for Starbucks, then Carl's Jr. For those who may not know of the latter, it is the company that bought out Hardee's many years ago. Carl's Jr. is usually in TX, OK and all points west. The food is basically the same, but Carl's Jr.'s signature items (i.e. The Six Dollar Burger, and all it's different variations) are exclusively Carl's Jr.'s. It's something to do with territories and/or regions (the same thing with Hellman's Mayonnaise - when you get west of the Rockies, it's Best Foods Mayonnaise).

Once I get this unloaded, I will head to Ft. Worth to pick up a load bound for Conklin, NY, a load I won't be taking all the way, as I am getting home this Thursday, and a dentist appointment on Friday.

The temperature is very mild (48°), the traffic wasn't that bad coming down - I seen it MUCH worse on a Sunday. Basically, it's true: everything in Texas IS bigger... including the traffic jams (which I will have to deal with tomorrow, something I look forward to with as much enthusiasm as my upcoming tooth extraction).

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