30 March 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 89 (This Load Is A Piece Of Cake - LITERALLY!)

We were sent our next load assignment just before noon to pick up a load at Dolly Madison Bakery (yes, that Dolly Madison) in Emporia, KS. I would have really liked to have gotten this load dispatched sooner, then we could have covered more ground by now. This load has two drops: one in Moberly, MO (just west of St. Louis), and it finishes off in Lenoir City, TN (just west of Knoxville), with a whopping grand total weight of less than 14,000 lbs.

Moberly's drop is due in the morning, which is why I would have wanted to be dispatched sooner; we could have gotten loaded, down the road, and shut down earlier than the predicted 2200 that we are presently looking at. That, and I may have had some time to visit my sister in Kansas City. After we deliver Friday morning, I'm really hoping that we will get sent through the N. Little Rock yard, so Alan can get processed out of the training program and get his own truck.

Out here in Kansas, where we're about 50-70 south of Kansas City, there appears to be a battle raging between winter and spring; spring is vying for control of the weather, but winter isn't ready to go into hibernation yet. Though, judging by the tweets I've been seeing in my twitter stream, it seems that people are ready for spring to assume control... but I'm rather enjoying this cool weather!

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