26 March 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 85 (Texas, Anyone?)

The appointment time to load today was for 1400 (ET), but we got it loaded and on the road before 1100 (ET), so that is a plus (or in the words of Charlie Sheen, we are #winning!). Alan backed the truck into the dock, and did quite well... plus, it also helped that he had room to work with.

The next couple days will be busy, as we only have our logbook hours that we pick up each day to work with - not much spare time to play with. My goal is to get us into Longview, TX on Sunday, then we can have our full day of hours to work with first thing on Monday.

Sitting in the passenger seat offers a different view (and different perspective) of the road, but it also allows more of a chance to look around at the passing terrain (though to be going through New Mexico or Arizona while in this seat would offer some great photo opps. It will be a lot greener here in OH in about another month and a half, unlike now:

The company I drive for, hopefully, will be getting more freight going west, so I can post those shots... until then, not much by way of mountainous photography.


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