23 March 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 82 (It Was 20 Years Ago Today... )

Yes, it was 20 years ago today, but there was no Sgt. Pepper, nor any band... but there were lonely hearts (two to be exact). As I promised in the third paragraph of my Day 76 blog post, this is a special blog, dedicated to my soulmate & best friend, Michelle.

On this day, two decades ago, Michelle and I met - 1 week after I returned home from Operation Desert Storm, and 1 week before I would propose to her, though I had never met her until this day... well, not this day, but this very date, minus twenty years... you get the picture.

The young woman whom had introduced us was Christina. I had met Christina through her sister Caroline, in fact, I had known that family for about 5 years (Caroline and I met doing community theatre together, and had become really good friends).

The day Michelle and I met, I had spoke with Caroline and they were having a get-together for Christina's birthday. My car was temporarily out of commission, so they picked me up at a music store (where I picked up a few cd's) and brought me to the house. When I agreed to go, that's when Tina (Christina) began her plotting, because Michelle, at that time, was separated from her husband, and Tina had told her about this "really nice guy she HAD to meet." When Michelle arrived, I was chillin' in the den, while Tina was telling her that the "really nice guy" was there (though at that time, Michelle was adamant against meeting ANY men). When I walked into the front room, Michelle was bent over, looking through my bag of cd's. "Love & Rockets? Skinny Puppy? Frank Zappa?! Who listens to Frank Zappa?!" she asked, in disbelief. I replied, "What's wrong with Frank Zappa?" When she stood up and turned around, our eyes locked... and the rest, as the saying goes, is history.

We have had our share of rough times (and we sometimes wonder if somebody else pawned off their share on us as well), but The Lord has helped us through EVERY time. We've learned to put our faith & trust in Him, and I continue, to this day, to thank Him for bringing Michelle into my life. The other day on the phone, she asked why I sounded so excited, and I told her it was because I was talking to her.

"You really need to get a life" she said.

I replied, "You are my life!"

I love you, Michelle, and I think we should go another 20... thousand years together...

Whadaya say?

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